On his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi continues to answer interesting questions from the readers who are also e-cat followers. One of the posters asked Rossi if whether or not his LENR based technology is the next big thing. Rossi replied: [click to continue…]


On his e-cat website Journal of Nuclear Physics, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi revealed that the work in factories has never been so intense. This statement speaks a lot of confidence and shows that the Italian inventor and his team are definitely working very hard to further develop the LENR based technology that continues to create quite a stir in the scientific and academic community. There is no denying that Rossi has never really given much detail about his work. Even the location of the e-cat factories remains confidential. One of the E-cat World readers, Hugo, commented: [click to continue…]


More Information About Ni-H Cold Fusion

January 24, 2013

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi said that he is using nickel and hydrogen for his e-cat LENR/cold fusion based technology. However, the identity of the catalyst he uses to begin the reaction remains unknown. There have been several exchanges on the Italian inventor’s official website Journal of Nuclear Physics about how Ni-H cold fusion came into [...]

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Interesting Exhange About Rossi E-cat At JONP

January 17, 2013

Danie De Caluwe, a frequent poster and contributor on Journal of Nuclear Physics or JONP has posted interesting comments about Andrea Rossi’s e-cat LENR based technology. De Caluwe stated:

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The LENR Evolution Through E-cat Technology

January 10, 2013

On his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, many of Andrea Rossi’s followers of his e-cat LENR technology ask questions about the developments of his work. Most of them are very interesting to know about the technical aspects of the e-cat reactor. A JONP follower named Fibb, meanwhile, is wondering about the macro economic and [...]

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Rossi: My Dreams Are Very Limited

December 27, 2012

When Andrea Rossi announced to the public last year that he has a working cold fusion/LENR based technology, he was aware that he created quite a stir. For more than a year now, the Italian inventor continues to work hard on his energy catalyzer device in order to be certain that he has what he [...]

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Rossi On E-cat Third Party Certifiers

December 20, 2012

When asked about the people behind the third party testing validations of the e-cat LENR based device, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi said that they are scientists, mainly with Physics Doctorate. A poster named Drew asked Rossi about this question on the e-cat official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, where interesting exchanges about e-cat take place. [...]

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New E-cat Partners Share The Same Philosophy With Rossi

December 13, 2012

With all the changes and developments demonstrated by his e-cat LENR based technology, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has only positive words to say about his new e-cat partners. This partnership has receive much attention especially to the e-cat followers of his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics. When asked by his JONP readers, Rossi continues [...]

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Statements On E-cat And Electric Cars

December 6, 2012

This week, we have read several statements on the e-cat unit and electric cars on Andrea Rossi’s official website Journal of Nuclear Physics. The Italian inventor also provided his own comments concerning electric cars. It is interesting to note that many JONP readers remain enthusiastic with Rossi’s LENR based technology.

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Rossi On Important Partner And Third Party E-cat Test Results

November 29, 2012

Andrea Rossi has been very busy these past few days with the hot cat. He mentioned on his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics that they are working to couple the high temperature e-cat with the carnot system. They are also modifying the design of the hot cat. It should also be noted that a [...]

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